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New Start
8 September 2008

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27 January 2008

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29 November 2007

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17 October 2007

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25 September 2007

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28 August 2007

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18 July 2007

Recent Comments

bm on New Start
welcome back and nice choice of colors for a "comeback" shot :)

DaveB on New Start
Cool abstract shot!

{H} creatives on Thirty-five
Love the tilt! And the b&w is spot on! Cheers and blessings in the New Year - {H}

bobaubuchon on Thirty-five
Nice angle ...

lissa on Fall
A nice calm composition.

Illuci on Fall
Great effect of the round slope with the shadows!

ali on Fall
nice shot .thanx o lot for ur comment .some of photo are from armenia and some from iran

{H} creatives on Fall
Lovely capture and composition! Sorry about the late return to your pblog. Hope to see you soon. Cheers! B-)

kairospix on Light Skirt
interesting shot! did you make that skirt?

aMiRHosSeiN on Light Skirt
nice compose

rainsocks on Cloudless
What a nice and clear blue sky!

alla on Cloudless
sweet :)

Illuci on Cloudless
P.S. I'm happy to see you again after almost a month!

Illuci on Cloudless
Excellent, one needs a photographic eye to identify this as a possible subject item, thanks for the enjoyment!

Eleftheria, 9 years old, on Montreal - part III
Very beautiful!

Seraphine on Skyline
It's a beautiful skyline. The colors are fresh, I can almost feel the breeze.

Saed on Skyline
Super shot!

m on Skyline
nice skyline of torontooooooo

Stunner on Skyline
Very neat shot! Very creative using the boat to frame the skyline.

Erik on Skyline
Cool, I like the black framing which gives you a feeling of standing next to the photographer!

alla on Skyline

Olaide on Montreal - part III
brilliantly captured.

Xoroi on Montreal - part I
I love this kind of shots. Great atmosphere!

kairospix on Montreal - part III
wonderful capture!

{H} creatives on Montreal - part III
What a magnificent capture of this awesome structure! Great work, Tal! By the way, sorry haven't dropped by ...

Olaide on Montreal - part III
Great DOF. Nicely captured. Good eye here!

MaryB on Montreal - part III
A brilliant shot of this Amazing buliding!

Saed on Montreal - part III
Great job!

alla on Montreal - part III
Nice capture! I like the shadow here.

Stunner on Montreal - part III
Nice shot. That's some interesting architecture.

Stunner on Montreal - part II
Lovely shot of the cityscape!

{H} creatives on Montreal - part II
A beautiful city, Montreal is! And very well captured here, Tal! The boat and the clouds makes this shot better! B-)

Saed on Montreal - part II
Well done!

Olaide on Montreal - part II
lovely shot. good sight.

Art Monkey on Montreal - part II
very nice capture!

Hercules on Montreal - part II
Thank you for stopping by. I love this image, the clouds are well balance along with the buildings. On the Flip-side i ...

rags on Montreal - part II
I love the view.

MaryB on Montreal - part II
A wonderful capture, Montreal looks an amazing City :)

Erik on Montreal - part II
Clouds, buildings and ship form a harmonious whole: the traditional ship combines well with the skyscrapers, this is ...

Steph on Montreal - part II
Yeah the clouds are really majestic in this shot. Nice capture!

alla on Montreal - part II
I like the cloud here.

Art Monkey on Montreal - part I
very nice one tal

alla on Montreal - part I
Hm, Notre-Dame? I love this shot! Makes me want to walk in there! on Montreal - part I
I wanna go there! It looks so nice!

Erik on Traffic
Well, this is what one does almost automatically as a photographer in a traffic jam. Nice picture!

Erik on Montreal - part I
Your comments and this awesome picture have convinced me that I must strive for a real camera!! What a strength, what a ...

Steph on Montreal - part I
Cool shot, nice angle.

Helgi on Montreal - part I
Nice Ken! Lots of good memory's coming back from Montreal.. Thanks!

Ken McCoy on Montreal - part I
Nice sunshine shot! It's not easy to get just the right angle. I've never been to Montreal, so I have no idea ...

Bron on Human scale?
Nice distortion Tal - reminds me of the art of Stanley Spencer! Love the shadows too.

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